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Transphobic U.S. Congressman edits Wikipedia to include hate speech for Laverne Cox       



Someone with an IP address sourcing to the House of Representatives just edited the Orange Is the New Black Wikipedia page with the telling summary of “not a woman.”

That’s right, this Congressman edited out a sentence hailing the show for including “the first ever women-in-prison narrative to be played by a real transgender woman.”  What did he replace it with?  Hate speech.

The Congressman called Cox a “man pretending to be a woman,” and linked to an offensive article by National Review Online aptly titled “Laverne Cox Is Not a Woman.”

The change has since been reversed and the IP address has been banned from editing Wikipedia for a month, but you can see the original edit he made in the link above.

The change was spotted by a Twitter bot which tweets out links any time a Congressional IP address edits Wikipedia.

Spread this like wildfire.

(articles on The A.V. Club, Yahoo, and NY Daily News)

Good to see our elected officials are hard at work!!! :)))))

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Please remember that sometimes silence on an issue or situation isn’t a lack of caring or concern: it’s a form of exhausted self-care as people pull back and try to put themselves back together.  Just because I don’t say something about everything doesn’t mean I don’t think it matters.  It may mean that I am completely drained from all the things I’m already dealing with, and cannot safely take on another battle.

The same goes for absolutely everyone.  Anger is sometimes quiet and sad and silent, because anything else is just beyond you.

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When you bullshit an essay and manage to get a good grade.image

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the best part about blogging is that no one actually knows if youre naked or not

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i am not my rosy self
left my roses on my shelf
take the wild ones, they’re my favorites
it’s the side effects that save us


i am not my rosy self
left my roses on my shelf
take the wild ones, they’re my favorites
it’s the side effects that save us

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omg that was beautiful


omg that was beautiful

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i would be the absolute worst dog show judge ever

all of them would win

it would be chaos

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